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The work itself consists of the construction of molds for thermoplastics, within its own workshop equipped with CNC machines and CAD-CAM systems.
These molds are then used in the molding department consisting of 13 presses capable of transforming objects from a few grams to over a kilogram, in various sectors such as the electronics, electrical, telephony, transportation, household appliances , sporting goods, and medical technicians.

shutterstock_promozionali Articoli promozionali
dedee Autoveicoli ed Accessori
stock-photo-a-ball-of-different-electronic-media-devices-ranging-from-a-laptop-to-a-television-a-usb-cord-107633990Elettronica e Telefonia
stock-photo-set-of-golf-equipment-isolated-on-white-background-collection-includes-clubs-balls-tees-glove-94867132 Articoli sportivi
shutterstock_tecnici Articoli tecnici
stock-photo-laboratory-plastic-ware-test-tubes-petrie-dishes-and-culture-flask-used-in-bio-tech-research-21635458 Articoli medicali
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